I am growing my happiness again and again as I venture to share my passion for Frederick with its perfect petite urban setting set in the foothills of the Catoctin Mountains. My ethos is to be in the service of others who like me will need the kindness of others to help fulfill their dreams. I belong to the firm of C21 Redwood Realty for a reason.They are a progressive company with state of the art tools to assist their buyers and sellers. The team are all honest, hardworking, admired and well respected, down to earth people who are professional extraordinaire who share my love of Frederick. They also share the value I place on service and my business mission to build friendships by putting people first. Recognized for my accomplishments as a Woman Entrepreneur and my contributions to the community, I have 20 years plus in advertising, sales, marketing, communications and social media. My online marketing and social media background makes me well suited for the profession, guiding sellers and buyers through the online marketplace. My business experience and certification in Project Management makes me uniquely qualified to help people reach their goals with wisdom and skill to generate results. I ensure that all details of the deal will be well managed; clients will be educated, informed and empowered enabling the experience to be as stress free as possible.  I specialize in historic homes, real estate and divorce, investment properties, and senior citizens relocations.


As part of my commitment to exceptional service I will…

  • Promote your interests at all times
  • Find a property at a price and terms acceptable to you
  • Present all offers and counteroffers in a timely manner
  • Protect your confidentiality on your all financial and personal matter
  • Hold myself as agent  accountable to you
  • Represent your best interests
  • Disclose to you all material facts related to the property of which I have actual knowledge
  • Manage the process and care for all applicable laws and regulation
  • Negotiate a price and terms acceptable to you
  • Provide you with other professionals essential to the process
  • Celebrate the results and this life changing event