Don’t know what to expect when selling your home?

Here’s everything you’ll need to know…
Your home may be one of if not your largest financial asset and you want to protect the investment you’ve made in it. To begin the process of selling your home requires a complete change in your mindset. You are embarking on a business decision to sell your property. The home that you love now is transformed into a listing a real estate product. You must find the right business partner/realtor to market it and manage the sales process all the way to settlement. The sales process factors in the best market intelligence, pricing and marketing especially for the digital age in order to find the right buyer.

Learning about the Process and Avoiding Common Mistakes

The comparative market analysis is the beginning of the process. Selecting the best price for your home is crucial and sets the stage for how you will enter the market. We’ll look at your home, compare them to other houses in the area and generate an estimate for you to consider. Together we can determine the best price to ask. I’ll be staying on top of market trends to help you sell your home as quickly as possible. Be wary though, sometimes sellers will price their homes too high for their neighborhood, I can help you identify that, but you make the call to lower the price.

After a price has been set, we’ll address preparing the property. If your home needs some new plumbing or there are a couple floor boards that need fixing, take the initiative to fix it. Repairs and a little neutral paint will make your home more sellable and buyers will appreciate their new home in optimum condition. You will see a return for your investments!  Additionally, all sellers who list their homes with me receive a Free Home Warranty*.  This can be a huge selling factor, especially with first time home buyers nervous about what to expect with owning a home.

Marketing is the driving force behind the sale and every listing must have the right marketing plan to find the best buyers. In this day and age, you have to be well-versed on all mediums to make a sale. I’m prepared to meet buyers head-on through online real estate marketplaces such as Google,,,, and to maximize exposure results in the Frederick County area and beyond!

Most sellers of single- and multi-family homes are required to give potential buyers a completed and signed Property Condition Disclosure form. This explains the condition of your home to the buyers and determines whether you are going to sell the home as-is or you agree to fix any additional repairs

When an offer comes in, you will receive the following information. What the buyer is willing to pay, the mortgage amount (if any), the closing and occupancy date contingencies (mortgage commitment, building inspections and pest inspections), any personal property that is or isn’t included, and remember if the offer is not appealing, you can always negotiate.

Ninety percent of the time, your first buyer will turn out to be the best buyer. The first potential buyer, is more motivated, waiting for the right home and are ready to take care of business. Again, if you don’t like the offer, you can negotiate. If you aren’t too careful with your negotiations the property could potentially be stuck on the market and become “stale” making it easily overlooked by buyers and agents.

And when you finally receive that winning offer you, as the seller, will need to make sure all he contingencies are taken care of at the appropriate time in which they were greed upon during the negotiation of offers. At closing, you and the buyer will sign all necessary paperwork and complete the transaction.

* Free Home Warranty is purchased at settlement, covers the inspection period, is transferrable to buyer at closing, and is valid for 1 year.  $500 limit.